On Time as Concept for Developing Collectivity (Community)

In architecture, there is always an event happening. 

People walking, birds singing, trains moving, rains dropping, activities take place, they are the content and subjects in architecture. 

Human’s perception of being is governed by a factor call time. In the world of perception, every single point of space is experiencing different time as they are in a particular timeline. 

For instance, in architecture, imagine that there is a waterfall 100 meters away, some might feel the speed of the water is relatively slow compared to one who perceives the falling water at a distance of 1 meter. 

And the time here can be described as the sequence of an occurring event. 

So, these lead to a broader idea of perceiving space through time and the idea of movement. 

When moving is one of the options of perceiving space, one might experience different perceptions in a constantly changing time. 

This may lead to the idea of “one can change his or her own space of perceiving” when he or she moves. 

This makes a difference between thinking space and “doing” space, we're doing something can actually make a difference in space as a process of participation, just like students talking to each other in class will make a different environment compared to a quiet one. 

And this, in that sense may trigger the beginning of the concept of community (collectivity).