PJ Trade Centre, Petaling Jaya
A visit to PJ Trade Centre in Damansara Perdana, Kuala Lumpur, office tower blocks designed by architect Kevin Mark Low.

PJ Trade Centre is designed with the response to the tropical climate and its heavily used materials like exposed brick, concrete, steel and glass show a collaboration of the modern-regional, a way of interpreting the tropical image and a unique way of experiencing the local climate. The pairing of the well designed soft landscapes and the building, and the repetitively used raw building materials triggers a sense of silence and honesty. The brick-works, especially on the floor, are ever warm and welcoming, a sense of scale is perceived at the entrance of the building. Thoughtful consideration of the entrance design makes the outside of the environment and the interior ambiguous. The local climate is manifested through the entire porosity of the architectural components, vented concrete walls, wire mesh low wall, steel floor deck and mainly the volumetric spaces inside the building. The juxtaposition of several materials which is repetitively used in the entire design and the volumetric spaces established a language of tropical architecture that shapes the way people experience the place.  

Perforated floor deck gives an unusual feeling of moving through space 

Porous and volumetric spaces

Handrail detail

steel mesh shading structure

the juxtaposition of materials which is repetitively used in the entire design

Articulation of the corridor and the outside, an idea of bringing nature into the spaces

A warm elevated transition

Skeletal furniture

Louvre windows at the lift lobby

A nicely detailed staircase

Voided parking area with greenery