Nankin Street in Chinatown, Singapore

Experiencing Nankin Street and preserved heritages in Chinatown, Singapore.

 pairing of shop lots lied a thoughtful renovated back alley

Nankin Street is a preserved and renovated area in Chinatown, Singapore, comprises of a pedestrian streets and old shop lots with contemporary design language in the use of glass and steel structures. People get to experience the historical place through the agreement of modern structure such as the shading devices, covered air well, and the traditional shop houses. An increase of porosity in the shop lots allows for transition and possibility for people to take shortcuts  to happen. A Thoughtful design of soft and hard landscapes which lies in between the back of shop lots further enhances the quality of walking through the spaces. Along the back alley of the old shops, there are pocket of spaces for people to halt formed by the slightly curved path way and the adjacency of the shops. Air well of traditional old shop houses and most of the sidewalks were covered with glass and steel structures which compromises the ideas of shading the pedestrian and allowing daylight to arrive at the spaces. Pedestrian were partially connected  to the outside from being inside or under the building structure, thus a better walking experience is created.

 transition through porosity of the shophouses

 transition through porosity of the shophouses

 nicely designed glass and steel pedestrian shading structure

 the composition of old and new

enclosed air well of traditional shophouse brings ample of natural daylight into the interior spaces 

 glass awning brings natural daylight into the transitional spaces

Nicely designed soft and hard landscape at the back alley