First Impression. Composing Architectural Presentation Board

Architectural presentation board is an artwork. 

A good presentation board not only conveys messages, reflects, but it also affects the audience's mood and leads them into a theatre of empathy. 

1. Overall Idea's Perspective View

We are in the media age, and it is undeniable that image as a medium of conveying message nowadays dominant over any other form of presentation. 

Like it or not, people like to see images. The overall perspective view or image is one that draws attention as well as to raise the curiosity of the audience.

2. Project Title

From the overall image, people questions. Before anything, they want to know what, instead of why and how. 

People want to know what kind of project, and in this case title, writings, description help. They ask what, following by why. 

Series of diagrams with or without explanation may reinforce and help clarify the project and convey the message to the audience.

3. Overall Building

There should be a sequence. Series of space and form are those that the audience will be looking. 

In this case, the overall building section view is one of the ways to show the relation of space, form, and interaction of human at different levels affecting by the building. 

4. How, How, How?

Rather than asking why and what, 'how?' is the key to successfully conveying the messages. 

It is interesting to see how spaces being used, and how the ideas of architecture affect the way people interact with one another and their environment at multi-levels, how things are will be made theoretically and technically. 

Go back to statement number one, that images dominant.

Therefore, the series of the diagram with lease explanation helps a lot in answering the question of 'how?'. 

*  Narrative and sequential quality

Drawings may bring an audience into a theatre of imaginary and empathy when there is a high level of narrative and they are in a sequential manner. 

Most people composed as if they are playing with their own toy alone, without considering the quality of the whole, another word part is done well but the whole does not matter. 

The idea of how one wants the audience to feel is one of the important aspects to consider, and it should reflect the overall idea of the project. 

The number and type of color used, configuration of drawings and diagrams, arrangement and sequence of presentation boards form one another, if done well, there will be a flow. 

This is one way of presentation, with an understanding of the principle of how the audience perceives and how presentation boards can be composed, the methods can be played around with one's creativity.

"There are three hundred and sixty degrees, why stick to one?"
Zaha Hadid