Modern World Killed Humanity

The 'modern world' as referred to the period between the beginning of manufacturing and mass production until present has shaped man in a very inhumane way in such a way that they live in a state of being which is contradicting and conflicting themselves. People see life like travel and arrival, and arrival outruns travel. Only when there is an unseen arrival then only they travel. The barcode scanner on the cashier counter in supermarket beeps non-stop for 8 hours a day, and it rests for 16 hours as the one who operates it goes to live. A few hours left for travel, meal, family and an average of 8 hours of sleep. The same process repeats. It is impossible for one to sustain a good living in this way, what else that can they think?  The travel is hardly done well, and they have to work for others to survive, pending on the arrival in this way and it is never seen.

Suburban is sprawling as the idea of the city gives people false hope. It does not promise good living but a playground and checkerboard of the businessman in the end. The rural no longer farming, they go to the city instead. A quarter of time used to travel to work for others, and the process repeats every day. The rural areas are not any better. Farmers no longer farm for themselves, they farm for others for a living. The perception of life is that a good arrival comes after long travel. And many died during the time they travel, the arrival is unseen.

Children wear school uniform so that they look the same each of every one of them. They were being put inside a school to learn. Same goes to the university students. Is education a process of self-realization of what one can do through academic, or it is just one of the roads among those uncertain?

Time travel is shortened with technological advancement, one of the examples is the availability of the transportation system. The displacement between two points of kilometers away happens within minutes, but it does not guarantee the quality of life, but just travel. And those who have used it, what are their intentions? Is it so significant to live in such a way that a part of the time in a day is used for being a terracotta army inside a moving container, vertically and horizontally? If there is a  chart of technology and humanity versus time, showing that the technology in an increasing gesture, humanity never deviated from a straight line, or perhaps it turns down overtime after all.