Small but All

Showroom in IKEA, Anchor Point, Singapore.

How to make a small room appears bigger? An experience of an approximately 2m by 3m very small room does not feel small at all, but rather it has it all when four walls were fully occupied and they are functional. Bed space is enhanced with one piece of the hanger which gives user territorial claim and exert their ownership and property to space and it gives identity by putting his own stuff all over. The bed is perfectly fitted in between two walls which gives enclosure. Analogous earth color schemes incorporated with incandescent lighting turned small space into a cozy and warm one. Furniture is rather lightweight in a hanging manner. The direct and simplistic of design portrays the ideas of perfection where there is no longer anything to be taken away from the design. A small room does not make people feel small anymore when the surrounding components function as an enclosure, territorial claim, and utility.