Community Does not Exists
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If you believe group, society, community and race does not exist in its first place, the issues concerning group, society, community and race will not exist. Racism will not happened due to the preconceived idea implanted in the mind of people against the others so called races grouped based on their certain cultural identity which is similar. Apartheid will not happened with the segregation of skin colors. Building sick syndrome, mass housing issue will not exist because no one group of individuals were being seen as if they are same among each other and therefore they have no chance for creative cultural development on the structure of built environment, but only concrete, steel and glass which being duplicate again, again, and again from one region to the other, one district to another, one country to another, and throughout the whole world by the bureaucrats! Just how often we misjudge an individual out of our preconceived mind never knowing that even he belongs to the so call race or group,  and we always misjudge regardless he is a distinctive being with a very different everyday gathering of concrete reality which makes him an individual not similar to the others! Of course individuality is hardly seen, as human likes to simplify things, in order to make their life easier, never knowing that they creates problem out of making their life easier and therefore they are ruining their own social environment unconsciously!

First, there exist no two identical things in this world especially human being. Even with the advancement of manufacturing sciences producing 2 objects of similar, the time of manufacturing might be different, their relations might be different. Their particular beings in point of space is relatively different. What more that we can say on human individuals? The entire cultural development is rather different, even they are closely related to each other, but the entire concrete experiences throughout their growths are rather different and therefore the individuality is totally diverse. If every man is made different, why are there so less room of creativity for individuals to express, participant with their cultural development? And why are there reference of race, community, society?