Ethical Richness of Little India, Singapore

Travel photos at Little India, Singapore. Experience of traveling from Little India MRT to Farrer Park MRT.

It is a great experience traveling from Little India to Farrer Park with the ethically vibrance all along the journey. In Little India, food and shopping brings people together. The ever diverse of grocery shops being opened all along the streets make the street alive with multiple levels of interaction among the people. It is a place of heritage where the old shop houses being adapted and reused for business purposes and trade. The place is ever vibrant with its strong cultural identity apart from being one of the heritages in Singapore, but the food and events happening are aspects which make the place ever distinctive from any other places in Singapore especially the late night market and grocery all over the place. The journey became more interesting when  the old meets with the new, which is the shopping mall, one being the famous Mustafa Centre according to internet where people can have 24 hours of shopping for food, cloths, electronics, perfumes, daily equipments and most all, cheap snacks and chocolate from different countries! There were residential building blocks, shops, restaurant and mall, a mix development of a place which is enriched by the most important spirit of the place itself. The architecture of line, nodes, texture, form and most all space  reinforce it, making the experience of the place interestingly pleasing after half a day of hectic working time and a good place for a weekend retreat.

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