Objective Art

The idea of the part-whole relationship is the objective of abstract art. 

Wassily Kandinsky has had profound writing on elements of art made out of point, line, and plane. In the entire composition, a rectangular canvas is as well included in the visual field. 

The particular objectivity of the abstract art from perception starts from the relation of elements from a point to line to shapes against each other. 

A big red round point became a round shape at the almost center has established a relationship with the canvas with its position in one's perceptual field. 

It is very strongly linked to the surrounding round shapes of different sizes and colors. 

It then differs from the surrounding elements in shape. 

One thick line formed a long black rectangular overlaid red dot makes creates tension as the round shape is cut. 

A similar element appears next to a black thick line which is in a form of distorted triangular by having a sharp point. There are further tensions with a few similar thick and sharp lines crossing each other. 

A spiral-like element appears at almost center of the drawing and parallel to the long rectangular line. 

More than of it appears to be resting on a grey rectangular plane as black colors stand out from grey. 

Spiral elements appear to be broken into three having different length and colors. 

A blood red in color curves has a close relation with elements in bright red colors. 

The shape draws the relationship between the big black round shape and the small red. 

Another perceptual space formed in between two round shape in black and white by having a bright red triangular pointing it. 

The entire abstract is a "relations" in principle. They are of subjectivity triggered by the objectivity of the abstract art. 

All the part-whole relations turn out to be the narrative of the quality of abstract art, the storytelling out of the relation of elements.