Balestier Point, Singapore
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Balestier Point, by RCD Architects, Balestier Road, Singapore.

Balestier point is an award winning mix development consists of residential and commercial development. Like habitat 67 by Moshe Safdie architect of Habitat 67, it articulates life in a layered manner with retails and offices at ground level, car parking and then the private residential units started from 4th level. The entire stacking and seemingly interlocking composition created roof terrace for private housing unit. Over the habitual period, habitants participate and exert ownerships as well as their hobbies and way of living over the terrace or balcony as a territorial claim and adaptation of space. The exertion of private life over the visually public facade becomes one of the interesting subject to the city's fabric. However, some of the roof top or terrace is not well utilized and it is not used as there are hot sunny days over the year.