documented under spirit of place.
Pulau Ubin, Singapore, a small island geographically sandwiched in between west Malaysia and Singapore.  

The trace on Pulau Ubin documented several significances resulted from man-made and natural environment, first, a tranquil lake formed by a historically abandoned mining spot back in the 60s, second by view over Straits of Johor foregrounding the almost untouched bushes, trees and tall grass, and most all the socio-economy, seafood business and a designed rocky cycling trail happens on it. The mean of transportation and access on site is where one can tells of its 'placelessness', surrounding a huge lake with harsh, rocky trail and bushes that one would want to cycle under the sun. The journey along the island with bicycle captured not only the activities and economical structure but the presence of local resident and tourist as well. The ease of access via 15 minutes of boat ride from Changi Point Terminal and its relative location between Johor and Singapore gives uniqueness to the island and a quality of retreat to one who experiences it that he can relates.