Kenanga Wholesale City, Contextual Fabric and Cultural-Economical Continuation of Place

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Kenanga Wholesale City (KWC Fashion mall) is a mall which evolves vertical and contextual development by relating to the surrounding low-rise fashion wholesale, old shop lots that expanded in horizontal manner. The cube form, solid yet sophisticated concrete 'slab' architecture is made unique, characterized by its contextual skin, facade that takes varied fenestration patterns of the old traditional shop lots such as the ventilation blocks, vent holes with different patterns in regenerating continuation of cultural, economical fabric of the place in visual sense. The entire composition of the place is supported with diverse of scale, with equal context and content, but different kind of space-form and experiential axis. The sequential experience of the place from old shop lots, to KWC changes greatly in terms of scale, different yet equal in terms of content as a continuation of travelling interest. When visual juxtaposition of KWC and existing buildings are observed as a whole, on one hand one realizes the transition of new and old of different period of time, while on the other hand a continuation of the spirit of the place through details all over the facade.