Dadong Art Centre 大东文化艺术中心 - Architecture Beyond Space and Form
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Architecture of Dadong Art Centre, 大东文化艺术中心, at Kaoshiung, Taiwan, when done well, is more than space and form, but rather a composition of pleasure, being and time. The design manipulated relationship between being of individual in space and physical environment as a way for body to connect to the sky and daylight. The diversification of the design articulated a same language of well-lit structure in multiple features, the seating area, vegetation, raised platform, and so on, which is ever creative and soul pleasing. Architecture in this case, is not characterized by the amount of spaces which sells, rather, the amount of void made available for architecture to enable access of art and nature into public spaces of built form which touches user as a being as a whole, humbly and meaningful.