Project Place - Sequential Relativity
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The short film documented multiple occasions in space in 1 second throughout an entire trip of travel. Travel, space, time, experience, they are all sequential relativity. The composition gives a different perspective to look at travelling experience that completes it by relations between occasions and part-whole relationship.

Initiated and inspired by Cesar Kuriyama, on '1 second every day' to see how wonderful daily experience that one can get in their everyday life, and how meaningful that one life can be by documenting 1 second of activities or scenes in one whole day. The idea is taken to develop into a broader perspective in understanding the whole idea of a place, that can as well be read, experience, and be in, as a relative system that makes travel interesting and meaningful. Philosophically, just like the case of being and time by Martin Heidegger, when the past matters to justify present as a temporal moment that suggest notion of the future as a whole system of relativity. Place can be an idea of a relative sequences, where one sense of place can actually negotiate with one another, a continuum of a spaces that can have effect on each other. The whole idea of the art work at the same time sees the design of a place can be of a response and reflection from one place to another, one spaces after another that a complex life that might dwell in, would create that sort of complex chemistry base on memory system, relational method and comparison. Spirit of a place can be as well a definition and justification from another place, just like the notion of 'he is, therefore I be', and this is where the whole idea of relativity makes sense.