Tabula Rasa. A Blank State of Mind.
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Manuscript on the concept of creating spaces which gives a blank state of mind to the user. 

Tabula rasa, a blank state of mind that speaks of notion of 'nurture' rather than nature. In a blank state of mind, mind is mentally fresh, it can be a process of mental reset on the mode of resolving something, a non preconceived mind to approach design matter. Architect is the concept giver, 'Mr. Tabula Rasa'. Blank state of mind fosters concentrate, like the idea of meditation, mind be able to focus specifically on particular design matter, and most all, it is a relook into idea forming specifically and genuinely towards any design matter. 

When user participates in spaces, it shall be a blank state as a whole, instead of the spaces itself that is in a blank states. The philosophy of full vs empty, solid vs void, exist vs non-existed. Imagine a puzzle with a missing piece as user, only complete by user and forms a state of emptyness or blank. Imagine standing in the middle of a busy street in a city.

Not to be confused with a designed void or empty spaces. A spaces of emptyness does not necessarily gives emptiness when user participates. Contrary, a compact and complex spaces may gives a sense of emptiness when user participates it, complete by users. In an empty spaces, when nothing is emphasized, and user participates it, something may be emphasized, or user may be emphasized. Something can stands out out of a spaces which is designed as an empty spaces. Some idea can be figured out or made reference when an empty spaces is given, user participates it. 

Therefore, to built a sense of emptiness, "when everything is emphasized, nothing is emphasized - a blank state of spaces." User and spaces, all shall be equally emphasized, so that nothing will be emphasized, a sense of emptiness can be built - tabula rasa.