Courage for Beautiful Things
Most people don't pursue beautiful things in life.

Beautiful house? You might end up receiving endless call from the press, having long queue of Instagrammers waiting to shoot your house.

Beautiful house interior? The next day you wake up from it, it makes browsing for design inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram that you do everyday no longer valid, as LOOKING for one does not feel better than HAVING one that you already did now. Are you ready for that?

Beautiful partner? The amount of attention that you will be putting on him or her cannot match with those from the internet that he or she draws.

Beautiful ideas? You need to own it and makes it happen. By the time when you are making it happen, it is no longer an idea but possibly crap in reality. Like a once cute little baby that grown up to become a no longer cute looking face.

You need courage to own beautiful things. The problem lies not within their price tag. (OK, I lied)