Vulnerable Human

We are so vulnerable to physical and emotional attack. 

No matter how hard you build your body, a flu virus can put you on sick bed. A knife cut can cause you bleed. No matter how well your diet is, food poisoned and overeating can give you discomfort.

Fortunately, everyone can be a designer. Be our own designer for our own lifestyle and do the following:-

1. Define controllable and uncontrollable things
2. Make timetable 
3. Set Reminder

Aging, virus spread, these are uncontrollable, but a healthy lives is. 

I draw a 24 hour timeline and list out my daily activity, and then a 7 days weekly timeline and list down daily event on it. Eliminate bad habits. 

For my case, there are too much time wasted on transition: waiting for lift, walking, coming back from outside, driving etc. The bad consequences for all these - slack, excuse for taking rest, adaptation. 

So I redesigned them: waiting with a book, walk thinking about ideas and do problem-solving, driving listening to audio book, carrying a book (just in case if I need to wait for someone), use music to set mood coming back from outside.

Add reading and exercise compassionately in daily routine.

Set reminder. In my case, I surround myself with artwork about meditation to remind me to meditate consistently. Good books to keep me driven. The same for some other people who write notes and put tattoo on their body. Whenever I see them, they remind me of doing something. If we can habitually remembered to work 9 - 5 every day, there is no reason nothing can be set to remind us to do something greater to ourselves daily.