Bin Size

I have a small trash bin in the kitchen. The size of it is so small that it can only contain an amount of trash that is produced in a single day. 

Every day, I need to take the trash out to clear the bin.

If I were to change it to a bigger size bin that is four times as big as it is, it is likely that I do not have to take the trash out on a daily basis. 

But unfortunately, this is not true.

It turns out that the size of a bin can seemingly govern one's daily activity.

If I throw food residue into the bin, the residue will get rotten after a day.

A bigger size bin will only contain not convenience but rotten food and maggots.

It turns out that the size of the bin does not proportionally equal to the time that I will need to take the trash out to the refuse room.    

No matter how big a bin is used, basis to take a trash out from the kitchen is still once per each day.  

Size is redundant in this case.