Falsely Driven

What drives you?

When we seek motivation, we ask ourselves this question.

Sometimes the first question that we ever asked is already wrong. Is the question even required? 

By asking question, the question has already shaped part of the answer.

First, seeking motivation means motivation exist in the first place. 

Second, we will need motivation to act. 

Third, it means you need to seek it to have it. 

Reward system don't work. When you do something for reward to meet objective, you are placing reward before the objective. You will need reward to push you forward. 

When the reward isn't there anymore, objective diminish. 

So you aim very high. High enough that the objective is almost not achievable. By the time you realize your dream is unachievable, you will be utterly unmotivated. 

Set something you want to do into automatic mode, like breathing. Your goal, your objective, your passion.

As much as you want to achieve things that you want, using reward to get there will only get you to the reward, and that's it. Nothing more than that. Making goal a reward is much worse. When reward is unachievable, everything else seems to collapse. 

We are most of the time falsely driven. 

Anything that requires reward is not sustainable. If the only way to action is to need drive, we need to rethink why we need action in the first place. 

Just do it. Do things we want habitually, without meaning, and do it automatically. Enjoy process. Live in moment.