A bunch of fishermen is fishing by the river in a fishing village. 

One day, an old man from a city who wanted to travel to the remote part of the world, found this village. 

He took some pictures of it and then shares it with his friends. 

A months later, a bunch of people who lives in a city on the other side of the world came to see the fishermen fish by the river.

The fishermen have never seen so many tourists before. So, they stop fishing.

Tourists can't see the fishermen fish anymore.

Soon enough, the tourist crowd that visits the fishing village gets bigger. And the heavy human traffic and tourist behavior in the village is unbearable. Most of the fishermen have to move out to reside in another part of the river.

Left alone the fishing village that is vacant, some fishing boats, a quiet river, the busy sight-seeing tourists, and a few fishermen.

The fishermen stayed have no experience in seeing so many tourists in their entire life. In a response, they start selling souvenir to the tourists.