As world gets more and more plastic, life gets more and more engineered, people became more biophilic and start to find value in mother-nature and living things more.

Trees, algae, animals, people, stones, leaves, tree trunk and so on.

We spent years trying hard to move ourselves out of those that we anciently get access to - caves, jungle, beach, river, villages and we now spend time and pay high price to build one back in our living environment.

There were neither such thing as park, garden nor swimming pool back in the days. Let alone sky-park, sky-garden and sky-pool.

No polished tile, no wallpaper, no PVC, no laminate, no lacquer paints.

As soon as these places of mother-nature get replaced by plastic, plastic will soon get cheap enough that it no longer has any value.

And people start paying high price to own material rawness, putting mother-nature in their own living environment because there is no way to get access to one that you have to create one on your own to see it.