Is it Benefitting Only You or the User?

When there is demand, there is supply.

When there is a demand for food, there is a supplier of food. 

People pay a food supplier for supplying them food, the supplier then takes the money that they earned to buy food. And the cycle continues. That is how economics works.

Many years ago, there was a demand called instant gratification. And people started the junk food industry supplying junk food.

They invested in food engineering, so that fruit, chicken, and flowery flavors can be achieved with less work, less material, and less cost. 

But most of the business has forgotten that technology(new way of doing thing) is supposed to bring the world benefit instead of doing damage to it.

Today, any creation that benefits only the supplier but not the user will eventually fade-out. 

Think smart consumerism. Any new launch of a health-care product would make the target user do their research before purchasing it. Any sampled junk food would make a target user google how its content will be doing to their body before eating it. Any promotion in a fair would make its target user suspicious.

Any creation that focuses technologically on optimizing benefits or profit to the creator without benefitting the user will eventually fail. 

When creating a design, a system, or a module, instead of focusing on multiplying profit on one end, assess whether such an action is diminishing welfare of the user on the other end.  

If it does, it is not a new way of achieving a greater thing but a degraded means that will not make the world a better place.