Stop Finding. It Is Not There.

You have been doing it. I have been through it. Almost everyone has been through the same process - finding purpose, meaning, and soul in life.  

The similarity between finding and creating is that both of them are active.

But the difference between them is that an act of creating consist of finding, while finding does not contain creating in itself.

When you have decided to find something, you presumed that the things that you are searching to exist.

The question is whether the thing that you are searching for, exists. If it does not, you are searching for something nonexistent.  

You can be involved in a self-finding process when you create or build something new. 

And the difference is that when you create, not only that you can soul-search, your ultimate end is the process of making something to exist. 

Create something new today. It can be something small like a little word of encouragement to your friend, a positive tweet, little artwork, a small drawing or a simple design. 

You will soon enough find yourself immerse Not in the process of finding yourself. You are already being who you are.