Very Trendy Nowadays!

A trendy design today means a design that might go out of date tomorrow.

Instead of creating a design following a trend, make thing original instead.

Not all original design can be trendy. And not all trendy designs are original.

All designs are signifiers of what they can be signified. In other words, a design gives effect to its user.

An authentic design narrates how it is originally made of, it can invoke question and tell a story. With that process, it communicates with the user.

A trendy design can only tell the user that it resembles the latest design that copies an original design that is created somewhere else in its first place before it can signify another story.

When a trend ends, the design signifies an out of date design.

So, when designing, go for authenticity instead of chasing for a trend. Go for how things are done, how it can be made in its point in space, in place, it's cultural relevance and contextual subject.