What is a Breakfast Table?

Breakfast table has a concept of time.

Time tells place. It has an environmental aspect to it.

Morning is a subject to the breakfast table. When it is not, it has its relative relationship to how lunch and dinner take place. Of where they happen, and how they are being prepared.

An environment consists of a concept of place: sun, wind, daylighting, people, lives and physical built environment.

So the number of people in space will affect the design, experience of a breakfast table and breakfast situation.

Where does the daylighting come from? What place is it situated? Where is the place that I wanted to wake up to? Where is the place I don't want to wake up to? These are the questions that can define a breakfast table.

It can be on the balcony, bedroom, or on the bed that you are waking up to. 

Why do we need to restrict the breakfast table being in the kitchen or the living room?