More than a Tree

Ever heard of people telling you that it is good to plant a tree in your house so that you can save the environment by preventing the global warming? You can now forget the idea. 

Planting a tree can mean more than that.

If you are worried about the CO2 contribution as the main causes of global warming, think of the plankton in the sea around the entire globe. And think of what will happen if the CO2 in the atmosphere is reduced or removed. The ocean cover at least 70% of the surface of the earth.

It is very easy to plant a tree or a plant in your environment. You can start with something very small.

Some plants require a lower maintenance than you can imagine. And the outcome is more than what you can imagine. The maintenance that is required mostly consist of trimming the plant, removing the dead leaves, watering the plant, putting fertilizer, cleaning the leaf and cleaning mites off the plants when they are being infected.

A well-grown plant in an environment also means that the environment is taken care of. A place with well-maintained plant simply means that it has a care-taker.

Growing a plant in an environment means growing life and then nurturing it. The underlying meaning of having a fake plant in an environment means that no care is willing to be given to the environment, and the level of self-contradiction is high by assuming the capability to replicate things to what it wants to resemble that cannot be achieved.

Every creation has substance. Like the type of plant is a historical-cultural manifestation of the creator or the place.

When there are two places with too many identical attributes, the type of plant and the plant itself can be a key to the sense of space for place-making.