Affirmation in Design

How do you know if your design is right to be done? Who should judge and approve your idea? 

No one but your thinking and research.

It is common that people need affirmation from the others before they proceed with their design so that they feel right before they start anything.

Nobody has done it before? Can't find it on the internet?

Until you find that someone has done what you imagined already, it can simply mean 3 things:-
1. Your design is not original
2. You might feel upset that you did not proceed with your idea that you previously believe in
3. Your design can actually be done

Neither all the above nor your feeling should determine whether your design will work.

Your design decision should not rely on the affirmation from the others.

It should be determined by what you do, your research, your thinking, your instinct, and your belief. 

The amount of time spent looking for an affirmation from the internet or a nod from the others should be well spent in research and in questioning your idea to validate a design.