Spacious Home
Location: Jalan Kukuban, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur
Client: Ms Lee
 a spacious home interior architecture, a house renovation project
 existing floor plan with intensified spatial identification and functional establishment
 disrupting spatial establishment, functional identification with grid extension, sameness continuation, and the relation of similarities   
 spatial coordination, the re-establishment of new forms on a new grid plane
 the dynamic existential experience - cooking in front of people instead of a wall, the disjointed seatings with spaces around, and the spatial potentiality of a looping spaces 
 the unbounded spaces, the mini reading spot, and the walk-in dressing space as a daylight continuum

 the constantly changing interaction in space, the dynamic spatial perception  

 inducing participation through form-grid intersection, point in space and coordination
 notational composition
 the wardrobe glass side panel of boundaryless - the concession of light into space, into the sleeping area