Satellite Thinking

Creativity is the ability to organize things into one.

An innovation comes from lateral thinking that combines things which are seemingly non-connectable together.

Lateral thinking is the ability to connect things in an indirect way.

If conventional wisdom can take you from A to F with an A-B-C-D-E-F path, lateral thinking can take you from A to F with an A-F path.

Indirect also means there is already a path for both things to eventually meet.

Can we connect two things that are non-relatable? I believe we can.
Let's call it satellite thinking.

One of the ways to create new things is to combine things that their relationships are not seen before.

We are only not able to draw a relationship in between things we have not seen or have not thought of yet. 

Until we start seeing them. Like the satellite that cannot capture the entire earth in one shot, but it is able to in multiple shots.

Connecting unrelatable things is so much harder than the indirect path - there is no path.

You can only create that path in order to connect them.