Building should feel a lot less like a Building

A healthcare center should feel a lot less like a devastating hospital. 

A school should feel a lot less like a school. 

A workplace should feel a lot less like an office that produces work in no difference from a factory and it needs to start feeling like the beach resort from your last vacation that you have the most comfortable setting doing your work.

A lot of our places previously designed are highly characterized in only an operational point of view. Worse, by bureaucratic decision alone.

The end-users for a hospital are more than the one who provides care (doctor and nurse) but the one that is taken care of (patient), and there are actually a lot more types of workers in the building.

We see jail with round shape plan design by Jeremy Bentham - Panopticon, kindergarten without walls - Tokyo Kindergarten by Tezuka Architects, and the workplace that can exist everywhere around the world in your imagination.

Perhaps more cost is necessary for a building, more spaces are needed, more design skills and thinking is required to synthesize. 

And perhaps what is counter-intuitive is common-sense.