What Makes Your Home Unique?

A closer word for unique is different

What makes your home different is the way of things in them. 

The way of things depends on many levels, it depends on: 

- your experiential level 
- your perception level 
- your conception level 

Architecture opportunity allows the way of thing in your home to be appreciated through your perception and it leads to your judgemental system of whether or not your home feels unique. 

Architecture (the design of spaces, form, and structure) of your home determines the way of things in your home, if not, whether or not it allows the way of things in themselves. 

But bear in mind to determine that whatever makes your home unique, is it to the eye of yourself as the home user? Your family, and friends (others)? Or you and the others altogether? 

What makes your home uniquely different for the others can come from the way of things (design: space, form, structure, space, order) which are simply against the odd of the way of things of their home. 

What makes your home uniquely different for only yourself can come from the way of things which is against the odds of what you have experienced before. 

A much better term for unique is individual

So, what makes your home uniquely individual? 

They can come from:- 

1. Architecture (designed space, form, structure) 

2. Architecture opportunity (spatial potentiality, tendency, displayability, ability to allow meaning association and so on)

3. The way of things that the architecture opportunity allows that is very much associated with your self in either spatial, emotional or meaningful way. For example, a photo of your family on your living room wall. 

Example of a home that is uniquely individual for the homeowner: endless personalization where timber wall ledges are utilized to provide architecture opportunity to the home user so that she is able to personalize her spaces in her own way through time. 

Example of a home that is uniquely different for the public: interior landscape (garden) inside a SOHO (small office, home office) where users can experience mother-nature from their immediate indoor environment instead of the outdoor environment.