Designing a Cafe

Are there rules for designing a cafe? 

Rules remind me of the building laws and legislation when designing a cafe. This includes fire regulation and Building By-Laws. 

If you are considering rules as the design principle of designing a cafe, then this could be interesting. 

There is no one specific rule that governs the design and it could be as interesting as the designer want it to be. 

A much proper term for interesting is honest

The rules for a cafe design is all based on honesty. 

The principles that work as a set of design rules:- 

1. Placeless 

A unique cafe is one that can tell the place well. It does not only feels belong to the place but it emphasizes the character of the place. 

2. Locality 

If you take your cafe design and put it elsewhere, will it work? 

This question answers the very essence of the locality, whether it is in different places of the same region, an idiosyncratic uniqueness of the place is always worth investigating. 

As soon as you learned to experience the place and the site of which the cafe is intended to be built, each place is different! 

3. People 

Unless a cafe is not a place about people being together, there is no way the targeted group of people, the type of people and the locals at the place which the cafe is going to be built are not studied. 

4. The relationship between people 

When we acknowledge that a cafe is about a place for people being together, the relationship between them is important. 

How do you want them to interact? 

5. Personalization 

If your cafe is about the passion of the owner such as his love for coffee and traveling, there is no reason the cafe does not portray that in the manifestation of architecture and interior design ideas. 

6. Technique and Tectonic

Construction detail matters in telling a place. 

Regardless of you revealing the detailing of the design of the cafe or not, the construction process will remain as a trace that can always give people the impression of the way of the spaces in the cafe. 

You construction detail can tell a story through its poetry.

Interior design at times is not just about the texture of a cushion and soft furnishing but context, content, concept, and experience.