House without a Kitchen

"How do you live in a house without a kitchen?"

I rarely cook in my house. 

This question makes me think: How do you live in a house with a kitchen that you do not use? 

A simple idea for the first question is that you don’t cook in a house without a kitchen but in a shared place, and you have your meal at the outside, i.e. a restaurant, a friend’s place, or a bistro on a daily basis. 

On a side note, this is interesting as a house without a kitchen might be happening in the future (or it already does) with the need of affordable housing on the rise, only lack of creativity, and common acceptance due to a set of culture and belief that most people are conforming to. 

People began to make sense that in some part of the world, working adults rarely cook in an apartment that they do not have the flexibility of NOT having a kitchen.