Living with Minimalism

"How to get started on minimalism?"

For living:- 

Practice Contentment 

If you decided to throw away things in your room that you are living in with many stuff, you are not any closer to practicing minimalism. 

Minimalism is about feeling a sense of contentment with what you have. 

With that said, no matter you are living in a room with many things or a room without things inside, you learn to feel content with what you have. 

It is mental and spiritual, and not appearance. 


You need something to focus on, no matter it is in a form of goal, belief or a set of principle. 

Define the subject of focus, live and work towards it.

Selective Ignorance

Minimize distraction, especially in the world of information now through selective ignorance so that you ignore the unnecessary things to focus only on the important things in life. 

For instances, be selective in ignoring things like the advertisement, the news, social media, entertainment program, bad influence, health deteriorating food, drugs, and toxic meetings. 

Laddering Questions 

To live by solely focusing on goals is never enough. 

You need to delve deep down in your heart in each important subject that matters to your living. 

Start by asking “Why?”, and then “So, why?”, and again, and again until you reach an ultimate answer from your own self. 


Concentrate on what you have chosen to work on, be it a principle, a belief or a set of goals. 

Focus also means acknowledging distraction exists and you can simply ignore it selectively whenever you want, otherwise, only a distraction will dictate your path when you trying to stay focus. 


Be happy and think happy with the memories that you had.

Everyone has a bad habit, unpleasant past and unwanted history, but everyone can choose to mental account that past into a lesson to live better now and simply be happy about it.

Appreciate what you are today and you soon realize that greed is in the way of all the good traits of living.