Tricks to make your bathroom the most comfortable place in your home

What are the tricks to make your bathroom the most comfortable place in your home?

Forget about a bathroom being a conventional bathroom. 

As an architect that is usually busy, occupied and do not like to feel like wasting even a single minute of my time, I did a few simple “tricks” to make my bathroom comfortable and useful ever:- 

1. Place good books inside the bathroom 

At times I feel that this idea is somehow not hygiene, you might want to consider having a cabinet with a closing lid for the books. 

2. Install a mirror at the shower area 

Imagine taking a nice hot shower, you can do shaving and brush your teeth at the same time to kill time while relaxing. 

3. A dimmed light setting 

I never like the original lighting design of my bathroom (a typical downlight with changeable bulbs). 

Since the door of my bathroom is made of translucent glass, I love to “borrow” the incandescent lighting from the outside of the bathroom for mood setting. 

For safety purpose, you may consider avoiding any sharp edge, object and slippery floor surface (place a non-slippery mat) inside your bathroom under low light condition. 

4. A bathtub and a TV 

I am not a fan of TV but love to imagine watching a sports channel when taking a nice hot-and-ice bath in a tub for being one of the most comfortable experiences during and after my bath time.