The Relationship Between Architecture and Philosophy

Architecture is more than the art and science of a building, it is a construction with purpose

Philosophy is the study of a subject in finding the truth

The most fundamental approach of philosophy is to question. 

You need great questions in order to build great buildings that can deeply connect, and this is the reason there is a direct connection between philosophy and architecture.

Often, the truth is less important than the process of inquiring. 

A great question generates great building design ideas along the process. 

Without the philosophical approach to inquiry, we will not be able to ask questions such as:- What is the meaning of shelter to the human being? 

Why do we need heritage in our city? What is a living room? 

What are the roles of people and human-relationship in a public place? 

What is a memorial? 

What is home? 

What does a construction material mean to the user? 

While science explains the phenomenon of everything that is discovered, philosophy questions the possibility of the truth in things that have yet to be discovered. 

One fun fact about science is that it begins with philosophy too. 

We question a subject before we can acquire a piece of knowledge. 

A building that is built no more than science works like the same building that has been developed in the past, while a philosophical approach to architecture often makes great buildings by possibility, potential, question, change, and definition.