Public Transportation System

What makes good public transportation system?

A good public transportation system is one that promotes well-being, convenient, effectiveness, and efficiency to its user. 

The world’s largest transportation mode - the road system apart from walking is not the best solution as it contributes to the noise and air pollutions that jeopardize the health of people. 

It is not efficient in terms of usage based on the amount of the surface on earth it occupies. 

A railway system is convenient but it depends on the way it is planned, such as its station being located within reach of the residents of a given place. 

If you need to drive to the nearest train station, park your car in the paid parking lot and take a train, the system might not be effective for you. 

A well-planned underground transportation system may not be working effectively in reality such as an urban complex as a multiplicity of politics, ownership, and municipality without a common consensus

The one last question we need to address that is about health in general sense and at the same time philosophical: 

When you can automate traveling from one point to another by all modes of available transportation, is that necessary? Will that makes you healthy in the long run?

A good transportation system is one that does not make you less healthy (or become even healthier) while using it in a long run (such as walk), does not give pollution, well-planned, accessible to the public and agreed by the public.