"Space-themed" Interior Design for Astronomy Fan 

If you are a die-hard astronomy fan who loves space-themed interior design, I imagine that you would love:- 

A building that allows you to gaze the stars on its rooftop to feel how small you are being on earth. 

Enjoy gazing the moon and the stars to imagine things in the outer space while relating it to your sense of being on earth. 

Imagine lying on top of the roof of your house with dark surrounding and looking at the starry sky in the night. 

An extremely quiet room that gives you total darkness just like being in the outer space. 

Imagine being inside a quiet and dark theatre room alone, it is like being in the vacuum outer space with emptiness and wonders. 

Stargazing from the inside of a building. 

Being able to stargaze lying on the bed in a bedroom is a comfortable experience. 

Imagine sleeping on a bed inside an enclosed bedroom with a glass roof in a dark and quiet forest in the night. 

Spaces-coping with astronomical monocular. 

A platform like an uncovered balcony, a floor with a glass roof that allows you to set up your monocular for spaces-coping. 

Floating in a zero-gravity pod that gives you an anti-gravity experience. 

Meditate in a floating pod or a shallow spa with a manipulatable light setting that simulates the experience of floating in the outer space while giving you mindfulness relaxation and body rejuvenation. 

Imagine having your eyes closed when floating on the surface of the water.