Environmental Concept

Speaking about the environment, certain people would immediately picture trees in the forest. 

An environmental concept in architecture certainly needs to be considered in a broader context. 

An environment means the atmosphere that we are living in. 

In our surroundings, there are immediate living-things like people, the non-living things like objects, floor, wall, buildings, furniture, the non-visible things like air, moisture, temperature, wind, and so much more than we can imagine. 

People have eye-contact, existence, they can talk, feel, and move, so there is the socio-interactional environment that concern about the relationship, privacy, and publicness which is dynamic. 

A building has programs and function. When people in space consume and produce, whether, in forms of culture, knowledge, or things, an economic environment is formed. 

Without surprise, some school of architecture is still teaching environment as in the trees that one is not supposed to cut down but to plant one to students without a deeper understanding of the whole idea of an environment. 

Your concept to the environmental design in architecture is the idea that suggests a way of manipulating all the aspects that define an environment and their relationship. 

It may sound broad as the topic may vaguely seem, but your concept certainly shouldn't just be limited to the physical environment.