Have You Ever Regretted?

Have you ever regretted becoming an architect?

I can pretty much summarize that the overall experience for being an architect does not make you a happier person in general and it is quite the opposite, but if you are already on the journey, it can be one of your most soul-pleasing journeys ever.

Living a soul-satisfied, gratified life, and feeling great living to the fullest do not exchange all your effort with immediate happiness. 

When you are practicing as an architect, you are dealing with complexity that is broader than you can ever imagine putting things together on the cognitive and the physical levels. 

When you choose to strive a balance between work and leisure, architecture as a critical thinking-dependable profession could mean that you uncontrollably working for 24 hours a day. 

A large part of your time is to deal with problem-solving from your mind, at times problem-creating when you are trying to solve a problem. 

You won’t be a happy person in general if all you do is to deal with unsolved problems and to solve problems. 

And still, ignorance is always bliss. 

However, you will be able to delve deep into subjects in every design that you make, and you are able to philosophically learn things. 

It could be a subject matter of individual culture, a collective behavior, the meaning of things, economics, and so on. 

Whatever that can be related as a subject for your design will be an opportunity for you to learn. 

And in architecture, every successful project is not only made by experience alone but highly characterized by imagination and learning during the process of making things happen. 

Unless you give up in the middle of the way, otherwise, I believe you cannot regret a decision that is still progressing, that its goal is to make you find another goal from making new things, the more you know will make you realize that the more you do not know that you want to be increasingly curious about. 

Practicing architecture is a life-long journey, and it has become part of my lifestyle now. 

Despite being caught-up with the unavoidable upsets in the midst of creating new value and meaning every day, it is overall inspiring, very soul-pleasing, and satisfying that these feelings outweigh every negative part of the profession. 

And you should have no regrets with that. Devote, don't give up on your belief, and do not give in to your fear of creating something new.