The Ripple Effect

"What can I do to help make my city a smart city?" 

How can you build something great and influence your city?

Start with yourself. 

And then, your friends around you. 

If you cannot influence the people around you, it is much difficult to influence the people that you do not know. 

Define ‘smart’ (A smart city is highly characterized not by tech alone but also human behavior). 

Start with what you have, what you use and occupied on a daily basis and question how “smart” those things around you are. 

For example, ask: 

What if I modify this... 

Why not this thing becomes... 

Another example, your smartphone. What can you do with it to optimize the living environment that you are a part of it? 

Build something small to your little working desk that makes it flexible that it could improve your productivity. 

Learn to do something on your machines (laptop, smartphone, etc.) so that you eliminate redundant steps in achieving a task for instances (try to make a complicated 4-steps task into a 2, and then a 1-step task). 

So, once these actions get your mindset right, you start to tell people things and methods that you created, and you start influencing them. 

Those small creations that you do will soon build up momentum to let you keep up, and eventually, a snowball effect that leads you into building a bigger solution to a bigger problem for a group of people, and so does your influence towards the people by the ripple effect.