What Is Holding You Back In Design?

As an architect and interior designer, I owned a small design studio, and I get through almost every single piece of DIY work in the studio by creating them. 

I created things out of a desire to improving the effectiveness of lifestyle, the way people can meaningfully associate themselves with their environment, and the efficiency of the living environment. 

At times, I even make things simply by intuition without a purpose and let the result gives effect by randomness

However, in the process of creation, I only stop when I can feel that the design would eventually make people in the room unhappy. 

The idea of a design that deals with the human as a social complex always make me juggle my thoughts. 

There are two types of scenarios that usually holds me back in the process of making, one is to make a creation which will not be making everyone happy, and it will bring catastrophe in an irreproachable way, and the other is to make a creation which still, will not be making everyone happy, but is highly valuable. 

Our role as designers became the pedagogical part of any creation, and I would suggest we make the creation in the latter scenario anyway.