What can be reused from a demolished house?

This is a very interesting idea.

I imagined that when you reuse some of the deconstructed construction elements and materials from the demolished building to building a new building, you can:- 

* evoke a sense of reminiscent through emotion and memories of the user 

* narrate space through the story and history of the materials that is and can be known for the user 

* inspire user with a sense of creativity 

* evoke a sense of aesthetics (something that is done well) through a creative technique (way of putting things together) 

Nothing feels stronger when experiencing a space involves understanding it, discovering, and to permutate between the past and the present. 

It is like walking into your grandparents’ house contemporarily modified to suit your culture which can be comfortably and creatively reminiscing. 

Do note that reusing a construction material does not necessarily bring down the construction cost due to the additional or specialized workmanship required, and the effort to source, to obtain, and to maintain the item during the demolition process. 

For a building to be demolished,

*its window grill, grill door can be reused as a new window grill, fencing, partition, awning or a new grill door

*its masonry and stone walls (crushed) can be used to build gabion wall with metal wire frame

*its door and window panel can be used as a worktop, a table, a partition, or a new door*

*its existing wood sidings can be reused as a garden plank for pot, bench, garden walls, and pathways

And there are so much more that can be created.