A House in a House

The definition of a home is much complex than the definition of a house (a construction to shelter its inhabitant). 

Some people define a home with people inside that they care about each other, some people find it a place that feels belong to them (territory). 

The main idea of this semi-d additional and alteration project is to resonate things that already exist, continue to exist, with the new proposed design - loft spaces.

In resonating both the owner's anticipation, requirement with a new imagination that the architect and the owner can arrive at, such as the use of other spaces in the house that already exist, the color, texture, mood, and way of experiencing spaces that were rather perplexing (clash of more than five material, style, feeling, and experience with one another in repetition), an eclectic continuation and abstract architecture are proposed to synthesize the place to a new whole.

The new design adds joy, curiosity, and ways of reading spaces (color, material, and experience) in relation to the entire house which includes a fun hanging void space in the middle of the loft that the existing house does not have, notational color at the door and window, notational size of wall panel and a new abstract art canvas that can be related to the size of the existing window, and a staircase that changes shade of color as you walk from the existing lower level floor (brown) to the new upper-level floor (black).

A design framework of a smaller house within a bigger and larger house is born, experienced and to become complete when a new connection between the house and the user is formed - a home.