Jinjang Courtyard House fits a badminton court that the family would enjoy

Jinjang Courtyard House fits a badminton court that the family would enjoy

The brief called for a private bungalow on a 6000sqft corner land in Jinjang that appears big and spacious, but with a limited budget for the construction.

As a response to the local environmental context and the specific brief, a courtyard solution is introduced to reclaim a maximum private land territory with a minimal construction footprint. 

In making sense of the interior courtyard and instilling much functional value to it, the size of the courtyard was proposed to fit a badminton court that the family can enjoy. 

An inward-looking form and a loop of interconnected spaces were introduced, that overlooking into the garden defines the everyday-life living inside the house, and having the feet steps on the garden grass makes taking a shortcut from one space on the ground floor to another ever tangible, delightful, and connected to the mother nature.  

The design process

Existing house to be demolished

site setbacks and reserved
the imaginary volume of space of the maximum build-up
courtyard intervention for daylight and ventilation
a formal cycle of activities around the courtyard that fits a badminton court and a garden
courtyard form
roof height manipulation according to the sun angle, high roof on the west wall for an optimized self-shading effect
rationalized into different roof levels and a rooftop garden on the east-facing
the ground floor potential activities surrounding the badminton court and a garden
the second-floor potential activities that overlook into the badminton court 
definition of spaces in contextual with the sun-path, neighbor lot, and the garden 
the courtyard form
courtyard architecture of the private bungalow
facade with minimal openings in response to user privacy and direct sunlight heat gain 
view of the west wall of the courtyard house 

the interior, inward-looking courtyard with visually, spatially more openings and access to the badminton court 

courtyard view from the top
bedroom placement on the position with north-facing
the kitchen and dining position with the east-facing that gets morning sun