Deconstruction and Architecture

My writing is not prescriptive theories, but they are rather an organization of texts which serves just to express, and connecting logic. 

They are just words. 

Deconstructivism in architecture, if one can define it, it is neither a stylistic fashion nor any pre-conceived imagery form. 

It is a movement, an act of deconstructing a sentence, a syntax, a building, stone by stone, piece by piece, exploring the possibility, digging below its surface meaning and constructing reality. 

Word is always not a perfect medium for translation. Translation from a perception or an idea into text sometimes might cause the essence of reality to have deviated, sometimes causes misunderstandings and confusion. 

The act of deconstruction is critical to developing ideas and the possibility of delving the truth. 

A tree is not to be referred to as a tree until a leaf is a leaf and vice versa. 

One of a gesture of deconstruction is to not naturalize what is not natural. 

Take a social house for example. When ‘social house’ is deconstructed, what is meant by social, and what is meant by a house? 

It is about questioning being and time, and ontology. Living room, corridor, reading room, toilet, etc. 

When all the elements are deconstructed and questioned, they will be no longer in a conventional figure from time to time.