Leisure Farm and Horizon Hill, Johor

A visit to Leisure Farm in Johor.
These are features which I found worthy to be shared during the journey.

Symmetrical geometry formed positive space
while white concrete columns increase
degrees of closure to the space, manifesting
the volume by articulating tangible roof and floor plane.

The horizontality of plane and enclosure framing
the quality of the undulating mother nature,
figurative ornaments provoke curiosity
and the entire scene has induce a sense of silence.

Use of timber expresses a sense of regional,
filtering patterns of sunlight and shadow,
with the position of shrubs in a symmetrical
manner, formed a pathway while enhancing
one's movement in space
Horizon Hill, Johor.

Juxtaposition of water, rugged stone wall
and sunlight promote dynamic, an active
force while increasing perception of time
in space inducing a sense of pleasure.

Well I am just saying the good things. (: