As one exists in time with wonder, conscious because of memory, what is the purpose of being in time? 

And what is the meaning and value of existence for being an entity? 

Paper currency in the bank, name in the hall of fame, alcoholic beverage and temptation, social status on the internet, I-phone, sprinting on the highway, what is in our hand? 

Where are we before Google image and tell-all-blog? And what human does before that?

As the most imagery thing - building, starts to jump around, shooting upward to the sky, glowing like a disco illumination, what is in our hand? 

Does one need to rethink the role of being in the world as an entity? 

Are we already in the trap of pacifism? 

Take the sense of being as to participate, to take responsibility. 

At what level of self-realization, self-consciousness, would produce a vast kind of behaviors, thinking, and attitude? 

In order to enjoy the fullest of life, some people have to read, while some have to fix things, some try to meet the people all over the world, some would see every single corner of the world. 

But what is in their hand? Would they like to make the world a better place to live? 

Or they have nothing else plan to do? The intention should be questioned. 

No element can be referred to as an element without referring to another element. 

And whoever cares about the part-whole relationship?