Urban Meeting Place

A Public Exhibition Park

This project is to design a meeting place in an urban environment, Jalan Wong Ah Fook JB, Malaysia.

How does a building become a connective tissue to the urban fabric?

Here is another architecture project which promotes difference, but the continuity of the previous project. 

The project began with a generative process, and language. What kind of building to be proposed? 

A public building, a house, a park, a shop, etc, and the combination of multiple site forces lead to a complete rethinking of a public building typology.

The needs of recreational and didactical value are identified. 

A building as connective tissue, connecting the region by maximizing, and enhancing the activities which take place in between buildings, promoting spatial continuity and visual connectivity. 

Fragmentation induces a sense of volition in human to move in space, to promote spatial diversity, dynamic coherency, and respond to the social needs of the particular place.

Site Plan

Building Sections