The Art and Science of Pulai Perdana Community Library

This is a project of 2 stories community library designed for a given site Taman Pulai Perdana, Skudai, Johor.

The design is highly influenced by the climatic context, cultural context of communities and site context. 

The building is located at the heart of the site, a recreational park with 2 schools at 200 meters away and surrounded by terrace houses. (Working drawing)

    Architecture can be a reflection of multiple forces which were given on the site, and sense of community comes when the relationship between site or place with users is intensified, the sense of participation which a particular building gives to its users. 

Contexts are always important. 

In this project, generative materials literally come from site essence (recreational park), climate, culture, and they are translated into space, form, tectonic and ambiance.

     This project demonstrates the integration of sculpture, landscape, and library in order to give a sense of community to the users, a public space to hang around. 

Users may learn and educated through the process of experiencing the quality of this building. 

The educational fabric is expanded into the recreational park where users may read in the park while their children are playing, while the recreational fabric is expanded into the library spaces. 

A water feature is brought into the reading atmosphere to give a sense of tranquility, and the sound of dripping water from water fountain may draw attention from users as to counter the sheer noise from the natural ventilated environment.

    Initially, sun path and the way user occupied spaces in the library is carefully studied. 

The 400 square meters space is broken into 3 blocks to accommodate vast kind of activities. 

Big square is transformed into rather long and staggered shaped to catch wind, daylight, to block intensive sunlight and to create a sense of privacy for users.